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Your people are your success. Invest in the development of your team and generate more commitment, loyalty and performance. Get your company into the flow!


HR 4.0

Let your employees thrive with our unique development cards.

FLOWIT development cards allow your employees to focus on their personal goals. All cards are fully customizable and adapt to your specific setting.


Next Level HR. Find out, what FLOWIT can do for your company.


People development in real time

FLOWIT allows you to see the development of your employees in real time using development cards.

  • Self- and peer assessments using 360-degree feedback
  • FLOWIT is capable to support any organizational structure
  • Competence cards make it easy to visualize individual goals

Data-driven people development

Our digital platform takes your HR into the future. Development data of your employees can be analyzed and turned into real insights and suggestions to improve the development of all employees.

  • Smart learning system notices critical developments early on
  • Game-changing dashboards, KPIs and insights across all levels of the organization
  • Data-driven skills and succession management in real time

Holistic approach

With FLOWIT, you get all the features that you need to develop your employees end-to-end. In addition to our development cards, you can expect many other useful functions for the entire HR cycle.

  • Feedback can be given or actively requested
  • Digital on- and offboarding rooms
  • Online Academy for building digital skills

Your advantages.

FLOWIT at a glance

FLOWIT's end-to-end approach makes modern, digital HR a breeze. No matter if start-up, SME or corporate. We bring your company into the flow!


Inclusive and accessible

FLOWIT was designed with the idea of bringing all employees in the company along.

Development in real-time

FLOWIT gives you a 360-degree, real-time view of your employees' development.

Made for you

FLOWIT adapts to your company's structures and goal management systems with ease.

Learn and grow

The FLOWIT Online Academy offers your team access to the skills and competencies of the future.

Human-centered AI

FLOWIT's Digital Coach gives you access to AI capabilities that support you and your team.

Easy integration

Through interfaces (APIs), FLOWIT can be easily connected to your existing HR systems.

Data privacy

All data in FLOWIT is securely managed on servers in Germany and is not accessible to anyone.

Personal contact

Our HR experts support you in implementing FLOWIT in your company.


What customers say

Find out, what our customers say about FLOWIT

Marc Wegmüller, Managing Director, Wegmüller AG


"I introduced FLOWIT at Wegmüller AG because the platform offers me solutions to problems in various areas. On the one hand, there are the annual employee appraisals, which were always not really purposeful for me. I always had the feeling that I had to conduct these discussions as a good employer. However, I have noticed more and more that we are not getting anywhere with them as we would like. With FLOWIT, I stimulate the constant flow of information and use the resources of our managers in a targeted manner, exactly when an issue is pending somewhere. On the other hand, we use FLOWIT to disseminate knowledge, information and learning content to promote continuous training for our employees."


Mrs. Torelli-Alt and Mrs. Gartmann, Business managers, Spitex Oberi

"We use FLOWIT to promote a proactive feedback culture. We care about the constant exchange with our employees and we want to promote learning and feedback in the daily work routine. The daily nursing routine is very intensive and densely filled with operational tasks. FLOWIT helps us to give room to employee development and to stay in constant exchange about our common goals. "



Salvatore Sica, sales manager retail switzerland at Rivella AG

"I was critical of FLOWIT at the beginning. A digital platform that is supposed to support me in the employee appraisals? I talk to my employees in person, and we have a lively exchange. FLOWIT has surprised me positively because it helps me define and adjust goals in an agile way with my team. In addition, the system is proactive and works with reminders, which allows me always to keep my finger on the pulse of employee development. 
In our industry, flexibility is an essential requirement in the market, FLOWIT gives me the possibility to define individual goals even in the short term and to pursue them with the employees in a very timely manner. My initial skepticism towards FLOWIT has completely disappeared since the active and constructive daily use, and I have learned to appreciate the added value. "