People Development 4.0

Motivation and Engagement through people development 4.0

FLOWIT is the comprehensive solution for people development. Use our platform’s extensive range of functions to support your employees from onboarding all the way to succession planning.


The importance of employees in the company

Today, the constant pressure to succeed and simultaneous digitalization present employees with ever-increasing challenges. In the process, personal development often comes up short. The enormous potential of many people remains unused, which often leads to frustration. FLOWIT takes a deep look and enables companies and employees to develop their full potential in a unique way.

Your inputs arrive

FLOWIT ensures that all employees can contribute constructively and proactively, because everyone's ideas and knowledge are of the utmost importance to the company. Feedbacks and personal discussions can always be viewed in a history and are therefore not forgotten. During the evaluations in 1 - 4 week cycles, FLOWIT additionally and continuously collects the opinion and feedback on various topics from the employees. We understand the importance of each individual for the company and want to make sure this is taken into account!

Artificial intelligence ensures security

Thanks to the artificial intelligence behind FLOWIT, anomalies are detected within a very short time and trends are displayed in real time to people leaders. FLOWIT thus significantly reduces the risk of bullying and subjective decision making and protects the individual. Likewise, our platform ensures that a negative development of the personal condition can be recognized and intervened immediately. Burn and boreout tendencies are recognized early and supervisors as well as HR managers can act in time.


Example: a consistently good to very good performance across the year with regard to a performance criterion is affected  by a negative event. We are humans, this can happen. But what’sthe consequence for the annual review and a potential salary development? What weight will the manager attribute to this single event or will he neglect it in view of the overall performance?

These are all questions that no longer need to be asked thanks to FLOWIT. Through real-time evaluations and feedback, negative incidents receive the required attention at the time of when they happen. Furthermore, FLOWIT encourages mutual exchange to use positive experience for the development of the employees and to make this visible. This results in a strong increase in motivation and commitment.


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The solution for your success

FLOWIT supports your team to unfold its potential.

  • Your personal development is encouraged
  • Employees are given a voice in the company
  • Your inputs are seen and acted upon
  • Negative developments are automatically identified
  • Fair, clear feedbacks in real time